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PipeCon is compliant with noise-reduction requirements for power plants, on ships and on offshore installations.

PipeCon has developed, further developed and designed effective silencers and air intake dampers, which satisfy requirements for maximum damping, minimal space use and easy installation.

PipeCon manufactures silencers for the following applications:

  • Power plant installations
  • Marine and offshore installations to achieve IMO compliance
  • Air intake for combustion air
  • Containerised generator kit

You will be dealing with specialists with crucial know-how and solid experience with exhaust gas noise levels from many types of engine. Once PipeCon knows the noise level of your engine, you will receive calculations that are based on actual data. PipeCon can deliver 2D or 3D models that can be inserted into the customer’s ship or power plant layout modelling system.

See types of silencers here

Noise control

Power plants and the marine sector are subject to strict noise level requirements. PipeCon supplies silencers that are compliant with these requirements. PipeCon silencers are specially manufactured on the basis of the engine noise levels and the specific requirements for the particular location.

See “Sound and Vibrations” for further information about this subject.

Standard Range

PipeCon provides standard silencers rated from DN65 to DN1000, that are designed to silence a broad frequency range. PipeCon delivers reactive and absorptive silencers or silencers that work in combination.

The standard range includes the following silencers:

  • with through flanges or welded-end connectivity
  • in normal carbon steel, coated with heat-resistant paint
  • with built-in spark arrestors,
  • with special flanges if necessary
  • in classes: 25 dB, 35 dB or 45 dB (for absorptive types 25 dB and 35 dB)
  • with insulation and cladding in aluminium, galvanised steel or stainless steel

Sizes of standard silencers can be seen here.

Customer-specific silencers

PipeCon develops and produces customer specific silencers in all sizes from DN65.

The largest silencer PipeCon has designed to date was DN3700 with an external diameter of 4,800mm. But there is nothing to stop us going even larger! We always like a challenge.

Customer-specific silencers are manufactured with typical damping values of 15 dB to 50dB in normal absorptive through-structures, reactive structures or a combination of the two.

You will be dealing with specialists with crucial know-how and solid experience with silencers, such as with:

  • Integrated spark arrestors in compliance with classification regulations
  • Built-in catalytic convertor, normally specified and supplied by the customer
  • Insulation and cladding in aluminium, galvanised steel or stainless steel
  • Various material types: Carbon steel, Corten steel, stainless steel etc.
  • Special flanges, standard flanges or welding ends
  • Side inlet/ outlet etc. best suited for pipe system
  • Foundation brackets that fit directly into the steel structure of the ship or power plant
  • Acoustic workshop test


PipeCon silencers can be mounted vertically, horizontally or at an angle, without affecting efficiency.

To achieve good acoustic performance, we recommend that the installation of ​​the COM type silencer into the exhaust system is positioned within 50 x the pipe diameter at the engine outlet, with an exhaust pipe of approximately 10 x diameter in length.

The silencer is not designed to bear loads at the inlet and outlet flanges. Special considerations are required before installation, such as whether it is possible to install expansion joints in the exhaust gas pipeline to avoid weight loading and to minimise forces due to thermal expansion.

For further information about installation, see here

Silencer type
Absorptive silencers
Reactive/absorptive silencers
Reactive/absorptive silencers with spark arrestors