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PipeCon delivers vibration-free exhaust gas systems.

You will be dealing with specialists, who combine crucial know-how and solid experience in the design, calculation and manufacture of exhaust gas systems with flexible pipe support, silencers and expansion joints for the marine and offshore industry. 

PipeCon is a “one-stop-shop’. This means that all the component parts of your exhaust gas system are available from PipeCon, such as prefabricated pipe spools, silencers, expansion joints, flexible pipe supports, flanges, seals, gas and watertight bulkhead penetrations and rain caps. When ordering flexible pipe supports and expansion joints, you will receive installation details and layout plans, showing the optimal positioning of the various components.

PipeCon has its own design and development department, with highly qualified engineers who apply the most advanced and modern IT design tools to optimise the performance of our exhaust gas systems. All factors are involved, including: design, weight, thermal expansion, noise reduction etc. PipeCon delivers the following calculations:

  • Back pressure calculations
  • Dynamic and static analysis of the pipe system
  • Thermal expansion
  • Forces and torques at the turbocharger flange.
  • Forces and torques at fix points and pipe supports.
  • Forces and torques at silencer, boiler etc.
  • The natural frequency of the entire pipe system.

Our strength is our close partnerships with our customers, which allow us to come up with the best solutions in terms of both cost and technical quality.